Longridge youth problems escalate as culprits climb school and supermarket roofs and smash school window

Longridge's public toilets on Berry Lane which were damaged by fire.
Longridge's public toilets on Berry Lane which were damaged by fire.
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Youth problems have escalated this past week in Longridge with reports of culprits climbing on school and supermarket roofs, smashing a primary school window and kicking a resident’s door.

A noisy group which gathered outside the door to the town council chamber forced deputy mayor Coun Stuart Tyrer to close last Wednesday’s meeting.

He and Coun Paul Byrne remonstrated with the group for disrupting council discussion with their loud chatter, telling them to be quiet or move away.

Vandalism was one of the subjects on the meeting’s agenda, which listed a window smashed at Station Buildings, the Berry Lane phone box being damaged and the public security Magna lock wire to the women’s section of the public toilets being cut.

“This sort of vandalism in our town is getting out of hand,” said Coun Byrne. “It’s the same culprits all the time, and they are just laughing at us. We need to take it to Inspector Goodall. We as a council should give zero tolerance to all forms of vandalism.”

Coun Mike Everett said: “The problem is just escalating....we say enough is enough. Parents should be pulled out of pubs or troublemakers taken back to their homes, for parents to be told what they’ve done.”

The trouble-hit public toilets on Berry Lane were once-again in the limelight as Coun Rosemary Beacham, who worked hard for their re-instatement listed damage to the interiors, the lock being cut, and no CCTV footage because it was not working.

Councillors suggested answers to the problems would be to close the toilets earlier at 5pm, close them permanently or fit steel doors..

It was also agreed to put in a formal request to visit the centre where the CCTV was operated and make sure it covered the local area.

* Youths kicked at the front door of a house on Irwell Street on Friday and Monday nights; on Friday night climbed on the roof of Barnacre Road Primary School and smashed a kitchen window at Longridge CE Primary School and on Saturday climbed on the roof of the Mardale Road Spar and caused havoc on Booth’s car park, messing around near the reycling bins and pushing trollies around.