Longridge’s Singleton’s Dairy is all set to go West.

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Tilly Carefoot says the dairy – which won awards at several dairy shows for its cheeses – was a finalist in the manufacturer, exporter and business of the year sections of the BIBA awards.

Singletons picked up their awards in Blackpool – and now says the firm wants to open an office in America.

Tilly said: “We expect to win awards for our cheeses, but to be finalist as manufacturer of the year, finalist in Exporter of the year and finalist in Business of the year for the BIBA awards – well that’s a first!”

It isn’t only about awards though and Tilly says Singletons has significant expansion plans afoot.

The purchase of land adjacent to Singleton’s existing dairy has paved the way for future expansion, as well as the company’s plans to open a USA office in 2013 along with exciting and as yet confidential plans to develop exports with a major international player.

“The domestic market is vitally important to us,” said John Carr, sales manager.

“But we have a global market for our brand also, with sales doubling in areas such as India and the far East.

“These are new markets for our products and we expect a 
growing percentage of our output will be destined for emerging 
markets rather than the more developed markets of Europe and the USA.”

Singletons exports the equivalent of 15,000,000 litres of milk every year to areas as diverse as Lebanon, Japan and South Africa.

The dairy also manufactures the traditional three-day curd creamy Lancashire, protected by European legislation, and the largest brand of hard sheep milk made in the UK – Parlick Fell.

“We continually bang the drum for Lancashire cheeses, be it locally, nationally or internationally,“ said Tilly.

“It’s my company and I am immensely proud of every single member of staff who helped Singleton’s win this recognition.”