Longridge Aldi supermarket plans are finally lodged

Aldi's new Belper store opens on December 8, at 8am.
Aldi's new Belper store opens on December 8, at 8am.
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Award winning German discount supermarket chain Aldi could soon be coming to Longridge.

Moves to bring the award winning German discount supermarket chain Aldi to Longridge moved a further step forward this week.

Plans for the Aldi store, on land north of Whittingham Road, have now been lodged with Preston City Council.

The application, submitted on behalf of Aldi by Manchester based How Planning, also includes a new vehicle access, car parking, servicing area and hard and soft landscaping, following demolition of the existing buildings.

News Aldi was considering coming to the town broke in the summer of 2015 when How Planning launched their own public consultation and a spokesperson said they “received a high level of local support.... with 82% of all pre-application feedback received supporting the proposal in principle.”

Planning permission, granted in 2014, for up to 220 homes, offices and residential apartments with care, already exists for land in the area where Aldi is proposing to build its new store - on land at the former Ridings Depot and to the north and south of Whittingham Road - and How Planning has also submitted a further plan to construct a temporary access from Whittingham Road and associated works for a period of four years on land to the west of the former Ridings Depot.

How Planning says residents and stakeholders were able to supply feedback about the Aldi proposals during their consultation via a number of different channels and 125 people attended a public exhibition.

A spokesman said: “Aldi has received a high level of local support for its proposed food store at Whittingham Road, with 82% of all pre-application feedback (including exhibition feedback forms, postage-paid feedback cards, telephone calls and emails) received supporting the proposal in principle.”

All comments were then said to be “carefully reviewed” and “where possible” amendments addressed following comments raised by the community.

The proposed store is single-storey with a flat roof, offering a contemporary design.

The spokesman added: “Aldi has given careful consideration to the landscaping on site in order to provide a visually appealing development. New landscaping is proposed around the site boundary to enhance the appearance of the area. This would include ornamental shrub planting and new trees, providing year round cover.”

Aldi is said to be excited about the prospect of delivering a new store for the town and claim the store will “improve Longridge’s retail offering”. It is currently five miles to the nearest Aldi, at the Deepdale Retail Park at Preston.

The store represents a multi-million-pound investment which would create up to 40 jobs, with more during construction, plus supply chain opportunities.

As the land falls within the parish of Whittingham, the plan will be dealt with by Preston Council and the planning process is now formally open, with all intrerested parties able to make comments.

Unlike other retailers, Aldi does not act as a one-stop shop. Aldi stores do not have a butcher or fishmonger, nor do they sell, for example, tobacco. Instead Aldi says it encourages residents to complete their shopping at other local shops, “adding to the vitality and viability of a local area”.