Lancashire woman could be oldest person to be diagnosed with bipolar

FULL LIFE: Sheila Wignall
FULL LIFE: Sheila Wignall
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A gran diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 69 may be the oldest person in the country to be diagnosed with the illness.

Sheila Wignall, now 73, of Longridge, near Preston, has spoken out to let more people know about the condition.

Although she has been hospitalised and sectioned a number of times after suffering manic episodes, she wants people to know it is possible to live a full and active life, as most of the time she is perfectly normal. She believes her bipolar was triggered by tragedies in her life.

Sheila said: “Doctors have told me they have never come across a case like mine with someone being so old when they develop bipolar.

“But I am lucky as I have led a full, happy life despite the heartaches.”

Dr Leon Le Roux, consultant psychiatrist at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I have never come across anyone who has been diagnosed with bipolar at this age.”

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