Lancashire nostalgia in 1995: Blackpool in flames, miracle of the milk, lusty bowls and John Beck Express

A huge fire tore through the heart of Blackpool's oldest area of the resort
A huge fire tore through the heart of Blackpool's oldest area of the resort

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1995:

Heart of Blackpool goes up in flames

A massive blaze ripped through buildings near Blackpool’s famous Golden Mile, causing millions of pounds worth of damage.

Thousands of tourists watched as fire crews from across Lancashire battled to put out the fire, which swept through the oldest area of the resort.

Hundreds of holidaymakers were evacuated from hotels and guests houses as a series of explosions sent debris flying up to half a mile.

A major investigation into the cause of the blaze was underway after the night of drama in the shadow of Blackpool Tower.

The blaze began in an indoor market in Foxhall Road and spread swiftly through nearby properties.

It was discovered by a woman police officer, and spread to properties in Dale Street and York Street.

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‘Miracle of the milk’ has devotees flocking to temples

Hundreds of devotees have been flocking to a Preston temple to witness a worldwide miracle which believers say only occurs once a century.

Hindus all over the world are celebrating the unexplained phenomenon of statues of their deities “drinking” offerings of milk.

It began in New Delhi, India, but has now spread to temples in the USA, Canada and Britain, including the Gujarat Hindu Society’s temple in South Meadow Lane.

Temple vice-president Mr Bhagwanji Nabekar said they first heard about the phenomenon from a friend in New Delhi. Then on Thursday a woman devotee noticed the effect at her home shrine in Preston.

He said: “We tried offering milk here at the temple and it was taken and it has been continuing ever since.”

He said the temple had had to remain open until midnight that night as members of the community queued to make their offerings and witness the miracle.

Although scientists have said the effect could be due to absorption of the milk by the fabric of the statues, Mr Nabekar still believed it was a divine event.

Hindus around the world are still converging on temples large and small as word spreads.

One Delhi resident claimed the milk in his refrigerator had vanished, swallowed by the statue of Ganesh seated on top.

Lust bowls them over on stairs at Saga competition in Preston

Security guards were bowled over when they discovered a couple in a compromising position at Preston’s Guild Hall.

While the Saga International Bowls competition enthralled most of the crowd, one couple were involved in matchplay of their own at the top of the staircase.

Patrol staff waited until the two young lovers had finished before asking them to leave the town centre complex.

And Guild Hall staff say they are not the first. It is common for couples to use the secluded staircase when they think no-one is around.

Fortunately for Guild Hall chiefs the couple were well out of the way of the BBC’s TV cameras which have been covering the major competition.

Assistant manager of the Guild Hall Allan Baker said: “We often find courting couples up the staircase.

“We didn’t want to appear like we were being spoilsports but we had to ask them to move on.

“Often people come here and find the curtains closed and this secluded spot and think it is all right. On Friday we left the couple for a while, until things seemed to have cooled down.

“We don’t really mind, we can understand. The staircase isn’t part of our usual patrol, but we usually check up their just in case.”

John Beck is back in the driving seat!

Former Preston North End manager John Beck has got himself a new job... operating his own parcel delivery service.

Londoner Beck has launched “John Beck Express”, a 24-hour courier and light haulage firm based in Brookfield, Preston.

Beck, 41, resigned at Deepdale last year after he failed to lift Preston out of the third division.

He was criticised for his long-ball tactics and was forced to hand over the reigns to partner Gary Peters who came with him from Cambridge nearly three years ago.

Beck, who has never spoken about his overnight departure from Deepdale, was paid off by the club eight months ago and has invested the cash in his new enterprise, which included two vans.