Lancashire nostalgia in 1983: Mob fury for Maggie, Camelot opening and pound takes a pounding

Margaret Thatcher was confronted by protesters when she visited Fleetwood
Margaret Thatcher was confronted by protesters when she visited Fleetwood

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1983:

Mob fury at Maggie’s Lancs visit

Angry demonstrators marred what should have been a jubilant final campaign speech when Margaret Thatcher visited Fleetwood.

As her car pulled up at the side entrance of the town’s Marine Hall, a crowd of protesters surged forward and scruffles broke out. NUPE official Bill Campbell was arrested.

About 250 demonstrators had assembled before Mrs Thatcher’s arrival to provide their own reception committee.

Many of them were from the Post Office workers union who were holding a conference in the town.

Inside the hall, the Prime Minister’s welcome was in complete contrast.

She assured the party faithful that the Conservatives would not introduce extremist policies, whatever its majority.

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Lancashire Camelot has made magic out of a mud patch

The ancient legend of Cemlot rose majestically from a mud patch.

Eight months of round-the-clock work have transformed scrub land at the vast Park Hall into a million-pound wonderland.

King Arthur, magical Merlin, the evil Mordred and the gallant Sir Lancelot were all there for the grand opening - or rather moving, life-life models of them.

The launch of the children’s paradise at Charnock Richard, near Chorley, was a dream come true to businessman Mr John Rigby.

He chose the Camelot theme because of reported mysterious links with the historic Park Hall and the King Arthur legend.

He said legend has it that the River Douglas was the Douglas on Linus where Arthur fought one of battles against marauding Saxons.

Violent thunderstorms put back the opening of the project - which was designed with the help of “Disneyland” experts.

He said: “The men have worked round the clock to turn two valleys into one and transform what was a mud patch into Camelot.

“As we were ready to open, the storms wiped out some of the banks.”

But it was all smiles for Mr Rigby as TV personality Cliff Michelmore met a fearsome looking dragon and officially opened the entertainment complex.

The new round pound takes a pounding from Lancs people

Pound for pound shopkeeper Bill Ashton reckons the new quid coin is a load of old bullion.

His customers are spared the little horrors - he deals exclusively in notes.

Now it looks as if his one-man campaign to ban the twenty bob bit is gathering support from other traders.

Lancashire’s shopkeepers were given their say on the coin... and they gave it a thorough pounding.

Customers refuse to take it and the demand for paper money is greater than ever.

Poundmaster Bill Ashton wants others to follow his example.

At his hardware store in Halton, near Lancaster, he refuses to give the new coins in change.

Any he gets from customers go straight back to the bank. And when he draws cash out for the till he takes only notes or 50p pieces.

“It should never have been introduced,” he complained.

Preston newsagent Steve Duckett was in full agreement. He sees only three pound coins a day. “They make holes in your pockets.”

John Stanley, co-proprietor of a family fruit business in Lancaster added: “It is going to take a long time before people get used to it. Many old folk have not yet got to grips with decimalisation.”