‘Join our picket’ plea to save bus services

Photo Ian Robinson'County Hall at Night
Photo Ian Robinson'County Hall at Night

Devastated villagers uniting to save their bus service are now calling upon as many people as possible to join them in a picket.

Lancashire County Council meets for a full council meeting on Thursday, February 11, during which the council’s axeing of bus subsidies will be on the agenda.

Chipping Save Our Bus chairman Sharon Pinkett said the campaign has been attracting more supporters after the news of the impending loss has spread.

SOB is also calling on residents to lobby as many of the county councillors as possible in the weeks leading up to the meeting.

She said: “We have had a lot more people join us, including Ribchester and a lot more villagers are now involved.”

Monday’s meeting of Chipping Parish Council, which was filmed by the BBC North West for a forthcoming programme, was very well attended by bus campaigners and she said there was now talk of Stagecoach providing one bus to Preston in the morning and one back in the evening.

“It is a good start, it is going to get people to college, but it isn’t going to get people to work and it is not to Blackburn.

“They don’t seem to be taking that on board. What happens to people the rest of the day?

“It is a start but we need someone to to come in and take out the whole group.”

She said they were also taking legal advice over the LCC consultation.

An LCC spokesman said this week: “Stagecoach in Lancashire are going to provide two extended journeys (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), either on Service 1 or Service 4, through to Chipping.

“Full details are yet to be confirmed, however, these journeys will enable students attending Preston College or Cardinal Newman College to connect onto bus services for Preston.”