It’s oh, oh, oh! as Blitzen’s antlers vanish in night

Blitzen minus her antlers
Blitzen minus her antlers
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Oh Deer! Blitzen the reindeer has suffered an unseasonal loss.

She had settled happily into her new temporary Christmas quarters at Old Holly Farm, near Garstang, on Sunday evening, ready to welcome visitors to the attraction the following day.

Oh deer: Alison Pye of Old Holly Farm, Forton,  with Blitzen's  antlers

Oh deer: Alison Pye of Old Holly Farm, Forton, with Blitzen's antlers

But by opening time on Monday morning she had shed her antlers.

Alison Pye, of Old Holly Fram, explained that though this is an annual occurrence the shedding had happened a little earlier than expected.

“Father Christmas dropped Blitzen and her daughter Tinker off between us closing and opening, I came in the morning and found her antlers.”

She added: “It’s still special to see reindeers at Christmas. They are here now until January 6 and I don’t think it will stop Blitzen from flying!

“December is a busy month for Father Christmas and we’re lucky to have Blitzen and Tinker.”

The unexpected “gift” of antlers is now attached to the fencing posts outside the deers’ enclosure, alongside a note explaining how reindeer regrow their antlers each year.

An entrance fee of 50p is being charged during the reindeers’ visit, when apart from getting the chance to touch the antlers, visitors can also see an assortment of animals including donkeys, goats, pigs rabbits, chickens and calves as well as visit the Cabus Nook Lane farm’s café and indoor play area.