Medics: Stay Healthy for the Ones You Love campaign

County Coun. Azhar Ali
County Coun. Azhar Ali
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Local people are being urged to take up the offer of a free NHS health check at their local GP surgery.

The ‘Stay Healthy for the Ones You Love’ campaign is aimed at people aged 40 to 74 without a pre-existing condition.

The NHS health check looks at circulatory and vascular health and the risk of developing a disabling – but preventable – vascular disease. If any underlying symptoms are diagnosed, advice and support will be given to help people lower their risk of developing heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes and kidney disease.

This year the health check programme will also be out on the road. Wellness International will be setting up ‘pop up’ services in local community centres.

County Councillor Azhar Ali, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “The NHS health check will take less than 20 minutes. It will look at your lifestyle, weight, family medical history, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

“If the health professional picks up on any factors which could lead to health problems, you’ll be given 
advice and support to help you lower your risk.”

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