Clitheroe ‘miracle baby’ celebrates first birthday

One year old Blake Ramsingh. (s)
One year old Blake Ramsingh. (s)
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A 22-year-old mum and her partner have just celebrated the first birthday of their “miracle baby” son - a milestone they thought he would never reach.

Described by his grandma as a “little miracle”, Blake Ramsingh (Cowgill) was born with a complex heart condition and at six months old his mum Jessica and partner Sam, an agricultural contractor, were told there was nothing more that could be done for him.

Blake with dad Sam Cowgill. (s)

Blake with dad Sam Cowgill. (s)

However, a year on and the family, who live in Kenilworth Drive, Clitheroe, have just celebrated Blake’s first birthday with a family party at home. Mum Jessica, a full-time carer for Blake, said: “It was heart breaking when they told us they could do no more for Blake. There were so many things just going through my head, I just wanted him to survive.”

The former Ribblesdale High School pupil, who did a beauty therapy course at Blackburn College before becoming a carer at Clitheroe’s Castleford Nursing Home, lives with her parents Susan and Dev, along with her partner Sam. Concerns over Blake’s health started during pregnancy with Jessica’s 20 week scan pinpointing problems.

Numerous tests conducted during 40-plus visits to Burnley Hospital’s ante-natal department, Liverpool Women’s Hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital concluded that Blake’s heart condition was so complex it was very likely he would not survive the pregnancy. However, survivor Blake was born at Liverpool Women’s Hospital on July 7th last year. He spent the subsequent two weeks there and the following 10 months in Alder Hey. Much of his time was spent in intensive care on a ventilator.

“We were told, when he was about six months, there was nothing more they could do and the best options would be to give him palliative care,” explained Blake’s grandma Susan. “We asked for a second opinion, which Alder Hey were happy to do for us, so they then contacted Guys and St Thomas, London.

There were so many things just going through my head, I just wanted him to survive.


“Initially Alder Hey tried to do a keyhole procedure which they abandoned during surgery. So it was concluded after discussion with Guys (Evelina) that the only chance he had was to do the procedure again by open heart surgery.”

Thankfully this was successful, and although Blake still has more open heart surgery planned for the future, for now he has been home for a month and is doing well.

Mum Jessica keeps a constant check on Blake’s oxygen levels with an oxygen saturation monitor as her son can regularly turn blue through lack of oxygen.

“We’ve just got used to the fact this is how life is and just want to see him well,” said Jessica. She went on to thank the staff at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, her family and friends for their unstinting support. Blake has been given a life expectancy of 18 and will have to undergo more operations throughout his life.

Jessica Ramsingh with her son Blake. (s)

Jessica Ramsingh with her son Blake. (s)

“He’s the happiest little boy I have ever known, despite all he’s got to deal with,” said his mum.

l A family fun day is being staged at Bambinos Boutique Daycare, Garnett Road, Clitheroe, to raise funds for the cardiac ward at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital on Saturday July 25th from 11 am to 3 pm.