Child left with cerebral palsy sparks campaign

Mother-of-three Angela Boreham.
Mother-of-three Angela Boreham.
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A child left with severe cerebral palsy after complications during birth has sparked a law firm’s campaign.

Forbes Solicitors, who supported Clitheroe mum Angela Boreham during her claim following the birth of her daughter Leona, has started the #LeonasStory campaign to raise awareness of the effects a brain injury can have on people’s lives.

During a video interview mum-of-three Angela discusses her traumatic experience during her daughter’s birth and how brain injury compensation has helped them to continue with family life.

Leona, who was born in September 2001, suffers from severe cerebral palsy due to brain damage acquired at birth and requires round-the-clock care. Forbes Solicitors represented Angela and her family with a clinical negligence claim and after securing a substantial compensation amount to improve Leona’s quality of life, the law firm has been involved with the family for more than 15 years, offering continuous support.

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder which is caused by damage to the brain during, before or after a child is born. It affects muscle movement and also co-ordination, sometimes resulting in a variety of symptoms such as muscle weakness, stiffness, tremors and problems with balance.

Delay in delivery and failure to proceed to caesarean section during the birth of Leona unfortunately caused her to suffer from brain damage and she now requires constant care. The award for damages was approved by the High Court, Preston District Registry.

Opening up in the video about her ordeal, Angela talks about how this level of negligence has had an impact on everyday life for not just Leona, but for the whole family.

She explains how the compensation has enabled the family to specially adapt their house and garden in order to make Leona feel as comfortable as possible, as well as paying for high-quality medical equipment and various physiotherapy sessions.

Angela said: “We’ve got a house we can actually move in, we’ve got a garden because she likes being outside, we’ve got a summer garden which helps us bring the outside in when it’s raining. She’s got a bathroom which is all kitted out for her with a special bath, bedroom which has got lights all around and the tracking which makes it easy to move her.

“We’ve got two boys aged nine and 11 and winning the case has helped us to make sure that their lives aren’t affected as much as possible. We go on holidays a couple of times a year, it’s enabled us to take Leona with us. We do go abroad, we do fly with her, it’s not easy but we manage it and we can take help with us too.”

Clinical negligence solicitor and specialist, Leonie Millard from Forbes Solicitors said: “This is a tragic case where Leona’s disability is at the top end of severity and it is testament to the family that she has battled through and has outlived her life expectancy.

“Leona comes from a close knit family unit and the compensation assists every day in meeting her needs. The family live in an adapted family home, purchased from and maintained from the damages award, achieved against strong and consistent denials of wrong-doing from the hospital.”