Chemist can offer patients healthy living support

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A chemist in Clitheroe has been named a Healthy Living Pharmacist.

Peter Buckley chemist on King Street is celebrating its accreditation as a Healthy Living Pharmacy as part of Self Care Week.

A total of 59 of Lancashire’s community pharmacies have achieved this award which means that patients who visit those pharmacies can now benefit from healthy living support and advice over the counter, rather than attending their GP practice or other NHS services.

Peter Buckley chemist along with 15 other pharmacies in East Lancashire were recently accredited.

Linda Bracewell, chairman of Pharmacy Local Professional Network, and Pharmacist at Baxenden Pharmacy, Accrington, said: “It’s a phenomenal achievement that in Lancashire 59 pharmacies have now been accredited as Healthy Living Pharmacies. At a celebration event we learned that in the last year accredited Healthy Living pharmacies and those on the journey to become accredited have initiated over 10,000 healthy living conversations with members of the public across Lancashire.

“These are conversations which have encouraged patients to self-care, and take control of their lives. They are conversations where pharmacists and their staff are listening to patients and offering support and advice, or indeed, signposting them to the right source of information or support. These conversations help patients look after themselves, and rely less on visiting the GP or other NHS services. So often such visits are unnecessary and time consuming when it is easier to have a private conversation with a pharmacist. There are so many ways that your local pharmacy can help you to look after yourself.”

Mr Irfan Tariq, chairman of the Lancashire Local Pharmacy Committee, said: “The passion and commitment that pharmacists and their teams have shown towards becoming Healthy Living Pharmacies across Lancashire is absolutely wonderful.

“Your local pharmacy is a good first contact point for advice on many common health concerns. While most people will go first to their pharmacy for medicines advice, many don’t know about the range of other health care services provided by pharmacies on their doorstep and the level of expertise there. Pharmacists are available without appointment and are able to deal with a wide range of ailments, as well as offering uniquely accessible advice on maintaining and improving your health.”

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