A heartfelt gesture of thanks to help others

Grace and Jamie Hopcraft with ELH Trust staff. (s)
Grace and Jamie Hopcraft with ELH Trust staff. (s)
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Staff at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust family care unit have been “overwhelmed and delighted” by the generosity of a Clitheroe family.

When Grace Hopcraft recently turned 30, she didn’t ask for gifts from her friends and family, asking them instead to donate money to the family care unit, based at the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre in Burnley.

In March 2015, Grace and her husband Jamie sadly lost their baby girl Evie at ten days old. They explained how the help they received at the time from the unit made them want to raise money to give back to help other families who sadly find themselves in a similar position: “We are keen to raise money wherever we can for this totally deserving cause. We have already held a variety of different events and the money we have raised so far has bought a cold cot, designed to enable families to be able to spend longer time with their babies after they have passed away. We know from personal experience that this helps massively with the grieving process.”

Grace continued: “We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who recently attended my 30th birthday party and for their generous donations to a cause so close to our hearts. We will carry on raising money in any way we can - it is very comforting for us to know we are a least making a difference for other families who regularly continue to face the same heart breaking situation which we found ourselves in.”

Over £600 was raised at Grace’s party due to the Hopcraft’s family and friends generosity. The money will be added to the fund to purchase an ultrasound scan trainer which will be used to educate doctors and nurses to an even higher standard, to help them identify any potential problems with a pregnancy as early as possible. This will allow appropriate action to be taken and should also help in the long run to reduce the number of people who have to experience the trauma of losing a baby.