#Cry4Friends campaign for youngsters who have lost their friends to sudden cardiac arrest

Thomas Blundell and Joseph O’Neill share their grief after the death of a friend as part of a new support resource developed by CRY in recognition of the impact a young sudden cardiac death has on friends.
Listening to soothing ASMR sounds

What is ASMR and why is everyone obsessed with it?

A new relaxation phenomenon is sweeping the internet. Here, we unpick the science behind these viral sounds and visuals.
The NHS aims to admit or discharge 95% of patients within four hours

Hospitals face predicted worst-ever A&E waiting times this winter

Hospitals could see the worst ever performance for A&E waiting times this winter, a think tank has warned.
Galloway's Society for the Blind is hosting a sight loss conference

Galloway's Society for the Blind to host sight loss conference in Leyland

One of Lancashire’s oldest charities is gearing up to celebrate 150 years of serving the community by holding a sight loss conference.
Andy Cole on Ben Nevis

I would not be here without the outdoors, says Blackpool mountain climber

A forklift driver from Blackpool who climbed the UK's highest mountain every day for a month to help combat his depression says the outdoors has saved his life.

Sophie Harrison goes sailing

Galloway's appeal: Minibus needed to help service users Get Active

Having problems with your vision doesn’t mean you have to lead a lonely life indoors.

Cheryl Wyatt and Jane Cooper with Joshua, the 2310th baby born at Preston  Birth Centre

Birthday delivery for city birth centre

Oh baby what a birthday!

Six-month-old Iris Day who died while awaiting a potentially lifesaving heart operation

Baby died after heart operation delayed, inquest told

A six-month-old baby died while awaiting a potentially lifesaving heart operation that had been delayed, an inquest has heard.

Cups of chamomile tea

5 holistic and gentle ways to help you get a better night's sleep

Having trouble dozing off but don't want to reach for sleeping pills? Try these more natural methods instead.

Siblings fighting can drive parents mad

Ask an expert: How do I stop my young children fighting with each other?

Siblings fighting can drive parents mad. However, as a psychologist explains, tackling it from a fresh angle can make a big difference.

Make sure you brush ALL your teeth!

Millions of Brits are only cleaning three quarters of their teeth

Millions of Brits are only cleaning three quarters of their teeth, a study has found.

HPV is thought to cause nearly all cervical cancers

Number of cervical screenings needed in lifetime slashed by HPV jab, study says

Women who have been given the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine may only need three cervical screenings in their lifetime, a study has said.

One in four people feel unsuccessful in their lives

Many people depressed because they feel unsuccessful

One in four people feel unsuccessful in their lives, leaving many depressed or unhappy, a new study shows.

Experts described the findings as "shocking"

'More hospital' treatment required for tooth decay than broken arms in under 10s'

The number of children under the age of 10 needing hospital treatment because of tooth decay is twice as high as the number needing help for a broken arm, according to new analysis.

Stress can have a huge impact

This is what long-term stress could be doing to your health

Stress can have a huge impact on different parts of our bodies - from the brain to the gut.

Developing cancer is now more common than getting married or having a first baby

Cancer charity appoints 'fake news' nurse to weed out online lies

A cancer charity has appointed its first digital nurse to combat online "fake news" about the disease.

Body confidence is understandably a difficult thing

5 things never to say to your daughter if you want her to grow up body positive

How do we raise body positive children in a body shaming world?

Placing responsibility for patients with strangers has "clear safety risks"

Airbnb-style stays for recuperating patients labelled as 'terrifying'

A trial scheme to move recuperating NHS patients into Airbnb-style accommodation to free up hospital beds has been labelled "terrifying" by Labour's shadow social care minister.

Council leader County Coun Geoff Driver

Will unstunned halal meat stay on Lancashire school dinner's menu?

A decision on whether Lancashire schools will in future serve halal meat butchered only from  pre-stunned animals is to be made by county councillors today.
There needs to be better understanding of E-cigarettes

MP's launch probe into E-cigarettes industry amid 'significant gaps' in research

There are "significant gaps" in research on the regulation and sales of e-cigarettes, a former health minister has said.

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