Girls’ target for hospital surpasses all expectations

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Two college pals who organised a charity walk along part of Preston’s Guild Wheel after hearing one of their lecturer’s twin sons had been diagnosed with leukaemia have been overwhelmed by the support received.

Initially, former Goosnargh and Whittingham Whitsuntide Festival Queen Chloe Collins and her friend Holly Rhodes had aimed to raise £500 through “The Guild Wheel Night Time Walk,” but by early this week the amount had passed the £1,500 mark and is expected to reach a staggering £1,800, if not more.

They decided to raise funds for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where three-year-old Reuben Whittle, and who is the son of their tourism and leisure lecturer, Jayne Whittle and husband Jason, is being treated.

Holly, 17, said; “It is amazing to have come this far.....we have come quite a way getting everyone involved.

“The walk went really well and took us about four-and-a-half hours.

“Everyone has said they are really proud of us and we are really are proud of ourselves.”

The pals are also hoping to do further fund raising in the future.

Chloe, 16, who lives in Goosnargh, and Holly, from Ashton, who are both studying tourism and leisure at Cardinal Newman College, roped in support from their own families and friends for the walk and 19 people of all ages took part, the youngest of whom was 11. They walked from Wolseley Road near The River Ribble - where they were all given a musical send off by DJ Jake Wilkinson - finishing at Merry Trees Lane, near Miller Lane.

Funds were further boosted by the girls being able to collect at the egg rolling event on Preston’s Avenham Park on Easter Monday.

Chloe had earlier said: “We just really wanted to show Jayne that we wanted to support her.”

The pals now wish to thank everyone who has helped in any shape of form - be it those who took part; all who have given through donations or sponsorship; those who helped organise, particularly Chloe’s dad Andy Thiele and Holly’s mum Tracy Rhodes; Newman college principal Nick Burnham; Newman staff member Hayley Waterworth; Tescos and Morrisons who donated drinks and DJ Jake Wilkinson.

Reuben’s parents have been really touched by the girls’ efforts and his mum Jayne, 41, said yesterday: “I am just amazed at what the girls have done and the amount of money they have raised. It hasn’t all come in yet. I am really, really pleased. It is a credit to them and their parents and the college that they have all pulled together to get this event sorted out and raised the money they have.”

Of Reuben she said: “He is doing OK. Progress is as good as expected so far, but we are going to be in hospital for five months of treatment.”

If anyone would still like to sponsor the girls then you can go to