Get permit or pay for rubble - tip set to charge

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Residents taking bags of rubble and other DIY waste to Longridge’s Chapel Hill tip will have to pay after April - unless they have a permit. And even with a permit, amounts are limited.

Lancashire County Council’s proposals to limit how much DIY waste people can dispose of for free at recycling centres throughout the county were rubber stamped in last week’s budget.

The council says it needs to save £315m by April 2018 due to government funding cuts and the new policy will reduce the estimated £750,000 annual cost of dealing with DIY waste such as soil, rubble and plasterboard.

Residents must now apply to LCC for a free permit, allowing them to dispose of up to ten 25kg bags of DIY waste a year without charge.

A charge of £3.50 per 25kg bag or equivalent item will be charged for any further waste, or for any waste delivered without a permit.

Steve Scott, head of waste management, said: “First and foremost we provide household waste recycling centres to allow people to recycle and dispose of normal household waste free of charge, which is a statutory duty for all waste disposal authorities. However, our current service also allows unlimited free disposal of DIY wastes which include rubble, soil and plasterboard, amongst others, which isn’t a statutory duty. This is proving very expensive for the council to deal with and unfortunately something we can’t continue to do in the present financial climate. Many other councils already charge for or place limits on DIY waste.

“Importantly, by providing free disposal of a reasonable amount of waste, the new policy will encourage people to be responsible and residents will still be able to complete small scale DIY projects and use HWRCs without charge after applying for a permit.

“But ultimately we need to reduce the cost to the council of disposing of DIY waste, and other options such as skip hire will provide better value for money for people engaged in larger household DIY projects.

“The new policy does not affect hazardous waste, such as asbestos, tyres or gas bottles, which will continue to be free to dispose of.”

Further details on how to apply for permits will be available from LCC shortly.