Gangs of youths cause ‘mayhem’ in Longridge town centre

Berry Lane, Longridge where youths have been causing 'mayhem'
Berry Lane, Longridge where youths have been causing 'mayhem'
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Police are set to clamp down on gangs of youths who have been causing “mayhem” in the centre of Longridge, also climbing on the rooves of the two high schools.

Between 40-50 youths aged from 12 to 16 years have been gathering in groups of up to 10, particularly on Friday nights.

Longridge based officer PC Carl Chew confirmed there were on-going issues with juvenile nuisance with the young people knocking on doors, throwing stones at windows, climbing on school rooves and “causing general nuisance.”

It is believed around half of them are from Longridge and the other half from elsewhere.

He said: “Police have been taking some Longridge children home to speak to their parents,” adding: “Positive action will be is escallating again.”

In recent weeks he said police had received a lot of complants from members of the public and there had also been an incident of young people goading a family.

Most of the problems are occurring in the Berry Lane, Mersey Street and Kestor Lane areas and police are now looking at the different powers they can use to deal with the situation.

Many years ago, when gangs of youths were causing problems in the town centre, police applied for a dispersal order and he says they could be looking at doing so again.

“Parents need to be aware what their children are doing and who they are hanging around with,” he said, adding that the children too, needed to be “responsible for their actions”.