Follow the Green Cross Code call as children go back to school

Remember the Green Cross Code when crossing roads
Remember the Green Cross Code when crossing roads
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Families in the Ribble Valley are being reminded of the importance of the Green Cross

Code before their children go back to the school in the next week.

Each year hundreds of children in East Lancashire walk to school every day and the Accident Prevention Service (ACAP) at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust is visiting primary schools in the area to talk about road safety.

The team is encouraging parents to teach their child the Green Cross Code of ‘Stop, Look, Listen’ which can be a fun way to encourage safe behaviour on the roads.

There’s plenty of other things people can do to stay safe such as wearing something reflective or brightly coloured when walking to the park or to school to help drivers visibility as the nights get darker.

Rosemary Acton, Child Safety Lead Practitioner at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation

Trust said:‘‘We understand that September is a busy time getting your children ready to head back to school, so raising awareness from an early age will equip children with the information they need to stay safe. Practicing and talking about road safety early on prepares them for when they start high school in the coming years as they prefer to walk with friends or alone instead of with parents.”