Fears over town loo agreement - is it working?

Berry Lane's toilets
Berry Lane's toilets
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Longridge’s infamous Berry Lane loos came under the spotlight again last week over concerns of their poor cleanliness, lack of loo paper and reports of a hand dryer not working.

And there are also now fears the agreement over the public toilets between Longridge Town and Ribble Valley councils may not be working properly.

At Wednesday’s Longridge Town Council meeting, Coun Rosemary Beacham said one of their fellow councillor’s wives had “found them in a very dirty state with none of the provisions that should have been there”.

This was the night after Coun Beacham said she had visited the toilets when they had been cleaned, finding “all sorts of creepy crawlies, cobwebs, etc”.

Coun Beacham described the state of the toilets as “absolutely shocking”.

“And this is not the first time this has happened,” she added.

Coun Stuart Carefooot said it was Ribble Valley’s job to provide the “consumables” and suggested they write to them.

Coun Rupert Swarbrick said the cleaning contractors had been asking Ribble Valley for a month or more for toilet paper to be supplied.

Mayor, Coun Sarah Rainford said writing to the council would not solve the problem in the meantime.

Coun Jim Rogerson said the council should hold a meeting on site.

He said: “The cleaners are obviously coming.

“We need to find out what the problems are and we need a fundamental review.

“There is a major problem here.”

He also wanted to know whether the toilets were being abused after they have been cleaned.

The council subsequently agreed to meet with the cleaning contractors to discuss all the issues of concern.