Family rivalry at The Longridge X-Factor second auditions

Second auditions at The Longridge X-Factor - guest judge, Longridge Mayor, Coun Rupert Swarbrick (centre) in action.
Second auditions at The Longridge X-Factor - guest judge, Longridge Mayor, Coun Rupert Swarbrick (centre) in action.

The second round of auditions for The Longridge X-Factor turned out to be quite the excitement with family rivalry at the very heart…

Salvo Eccles led the way in what the judges decided resembled more a karaoke performance than ‘X-Factor’. His brilliant voice was overshadowed by the silence when he struggled to remember the words.

His brother Geno, a previous contestant on ‘The Voice’, left the crowd astonished with his breath taking rendition of Superstition, which was possibly the best performance of the competition so far. Judge Alan Gillhespy praised it as “faultless,” whilst reigning champion turned judge Pete Bennett called it “sensational”.

Salvo’s wife Sharon failed to impress the judges with her first song. However, both Salvo and Sharon were invited to sing off for a judges’ wildcard to go through to ‘bootcamp’. Both performances showed what a truly talented pair of singers they were, but judges decided to put Sharon through after singing a heart-rending version of ‘Some people want it all’.

Sean Grealis, 17 from New Longton excited the crowd, singing ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol. Sean’s great-grandfather originated from Longridge and he vowed to do him proud in his bid to win the X-Factor.

Holly Lupton, from Longridge had the crowd on her side from the moment she opened her mouth. After singing ‘9 to 5’, her mother’s favourite song, Billy’s Bar erupted. “I was nervous when I first got there, but once I hit the stage I felt like a young Dolly Parton,” she said.

Experienced singer Jeanette Bond, who has ruled herself out of the competition to give the younger ones a chance said, “she was marvellous, all those years on the karaoke at the Bull and Royal have not gone to waste.”

Lettie Elizabeth won unanimous support from judges with her melancholy performance of her own original song, the first of the competition.

Longridge mayor, Rupert Swarbrick appeared as a guest judge. His straight talking attitude and witty remarks left contestants in no doubt as to what he thought of their performances. Word on the grapevine is organisers have not seen the last of his judging for this competition…

The crowd was also treated to a few songs from judge Pete who played some of the songs on piano that made him victorious in the last competition.

Due to the high standard in this year’s competition and the high percentage of contestants the judges have put through, organisers have decided to have two ‘boot camp’ weeks. This means there is only one more audition night, on May 7.