Success at last after 10-year campaign to make road safer

Woone Lane, Clitheroe.
Woone Lane, Clitheroe.
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Campaigners were celebrating this week after winning a 10-year fight to ease traffic problems on one of Clitheroe’s busiest roads.

A new one-way system will be introduced in Woone Lane to stamp out congestion problems that have plagued the road for several years.

The one-way order will allow traffic to travel along Woone Lane from the junction with Greenace Street and 
Eshton Terrace towards the junction with Moor Lane.

Welcoming the scheme, Coun, Allan Knox, who lives in Woone Lane, said: “This has taken 10 years of campaigning for. There has always been a problem with traffic congestion along here and this should put an end to that. It will 
also make it easier for the drivers of heavy vehicles and lorries.’’

Lancashire County Council gave the go ahead to the new one-way system, which includes no waiting restrictions, a new limited waiting bay and some short lengths of double yellow lines.

This work will be funded by Taylor Wimpey Barratt as part of the conditions of approval for a new housing development at Henthorn Road.

The main cause of the congestion is due to drivers parking on both sides of Woone Lane. If vehicles are turning into Woone Lane from Moor Lane and others are coming 
in the opposite direction, traffic usually comes to a standstill as a bottleneck develops because there is not enough space for two cars to get through.

But when the new scheme is introduced this will end as “No waiting at any time” signs will be placed on both sides of Woone Lane from the junction with Greenacre Street and Eshton Terrace for a distance of 25 metres and from the junction of Moor Lane for a distance of 30 metres on its south side and 70 metres on its north side.

The proposals also introduce sections of no waiting at any time along the south side, opposite the proposed limited waiting bay and outside the mill, opposite the pedestrian entrance to the recreation area.

These restrictions were requested by Ribble Valley Borough Council as drivers bin wagons have experienced problems in the past.

Delighted resident Mr George Reynolds, who lives in Bonnygrass Terrace, which is set back from Woone Lane, said: “I knew there was a problem on Woone Lane when we first moved here eight years ago.

“That is when I first approached the county council asking about making it one way. There will be around 25 car parking spaces lost, but at least the road will be safer and less congested.’’