A LEVEL RESULTS: Runshaw College

A Level results at Runshaw College, Leyland
A Level results at Runshaw College, Leyland
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It has been another great year in the exam stakes for Leyland’s Runshaw College.

After another set of spectacular results in A Levels and in other advanced level qualifications, more than 500 Runshaw students will now be progressing to the elite Russell Group universities and to a range of highly prestigious dance, music and performing arts academies.

And, more Runshaw students than ever before, nearly 50, will be taking up their place on courses at Oxford and Cambridge and on other highly competitive courses such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

The average grade achieved by A level students at Runshaw is once again a B with almost a third at A*/A .

Approximately 80 per cent of all grades awarded were A*-B or equivalent.

A 100 % pass rate was once again achieved across all advanced level qualifications and 70 per cent of advanced vocational students achieved the very highest grade available, a triple-distinction-star.

College principal, Simon Partington said: “This has been yet another day of great celebrations at the college and we sincerely congratulate all of our students for the hard work and dedication that has led to their well-deserved success.

These exceptional results are also a great testament to our highly talented staff. We are delighted that our class of 2015 will now be leaving the college fully equipped with the qualifications, skills and self-confidence to be very successful in their further studies and/or employment. We wish them every success for the future and we look forward to following their progression with great interest.”

Here are all the A level results for Runshaw College.

Five Passes

M Gregory.

Four Passes

I Abbott, A Atcha, K Bailey, D Band, R Blow, J Brown, C Buckle, D Burke, T Chatwood, V Cowling, A Darlington, J Delaney, H Dickinson, C Docherty, M Fanning, A Farrow, B Frost, R Gibson, B Goymer, I Grindrod, P Hall, S Halliwell, F Harland-Say, A Hayes, K Helmn, A Hill, J Howe, C Hughes, E Jordan, E Kerfoot, J Lawson, J Mascord, H McCormick, B McGrath, L Merrill, M Mistry, D Muirhead, J Murden, B Obikoya, P Owens, K Patel, J Platt, G Roe, L Rowland, E Ryde, J Salisbury, J Semple, C Staveley, A Stevens, J Strong, M Thomas, K Todd, H Unsworth, J Ward,C West, J Wignall, A Wilcock, E Williams, E Wright, S Yates.

Three Passes

F Abbott, H Abdul-Patel, S Abraham, C Adams, K Adams, S Adams, J Ahmed, N Ahmed, A Ainsworth, E Ainsworth, S Airey, Lucy Alderson, R Alexander, N Allan, T Allanson, A Allcock, D Allen, V Amis, L Anderson, J Anderton, M Anthony, G Appleby-Cummins, C Argue, E Armitage, K Armstrong, A Arosi, N Arrowsmith, L Ashton, A Ashurst, C Ashcroft, O Ashworth, N Aspinall, J Atherton, K Atherton, S Atkinson, J Augustynowicz, J Austin, M Auernigg, E Babcock, S Bach, H Bailey, A Baines, S Baker, J Balazs, A Banks, H Bapu, R Barker, F Barker, M Barnes, F Barnes, C Baron, M Baron, O Baron, H Barton, G Basiuk, A Basson, M Beatty, L Beddow, S Beer, E Beesley, E Beetham, J Bennett, E Benson, D Berry, K Bharucha, R Binns, J Birchall, N Bishop, H Bithell, K Blackborow, A Blades, R Blasbery, B Blinkhorn, T Blinkhorn, M Bloor, S Blunden, S Boardman, W Boardman-Owen, N Bocker, C Bolton, N Bolton, H Bond, J Bond, J Bonney, C Booth, M Booth, E Bortfield, H Bowes, M Bowes, S Boyes, I Bradburn, M Bradley, L Brady, P Bramwell, C Braysford, J Breheny, J Bretherton, A Briody, M Britton, T Briggs, S Broady, A L Brooks, M Brooks, N A Brooks, R Brooks, A Brown,J Brown, N Brown, T Brown, E Browne, V Brunsdon, L Buchanan, A Buckle, S Bullock, G Burgess, A Burley, C Burke, J Burslam, S Burton, J Butt, Lucy Buttler, A Bycroft, J Byrne, K Byrne, M Byrne, N Byrne, A Cairns, T Callaghan, A Campbell, R Campbell, R Carrodus, S Carter, S A Carter, G Carson, G Cassidy, S Casson, D Catterson, A Caunce, R Caunce, J Causon, N Chabdu, P Charlson, E Charlton, R Chamberlain, N Chapman, M Chaudry, A Chauhan, D Chauhan, K Chauhan, N Chinn, K Chippendale, H Chivers, M Chu, S Chuyat, H Clark, B Clarke, B V Clarke, G Clarke, L Clarke, T Clegg, M Clifford, E Coar, E Coates, Z Coates, H Cobham, N Coiffait, M Conduit, D Connah, A Connolly, L Conroy, H Considine, L Cook, A Cooke, H Cookson, J Cookson, H Cooper, H Corbishley, S Cork, N Cottam,R Cottier, J Coucill, N Coulthurst, E Coupe, P Cowburn, C Cowell, E Cowell, H Cowland, G Coxon, K Crabtree, O Crabtree, T Craig, K Cribbin, R Crompton, M Cull, V Cullen, R Cummings, H Cunane, S Cunliffe, E Curley, N Cutler, R Cuthbert, N Dalton, A Daly, R Daniels, T Daniels, A Darbyshire, A Darwin, G Dassow, J D Davies, J E Davies, E Davidson, L Davis, A Dawson, J Dawson, K Dawson, L Day, E H Dean, E R Dean, H Dean, S DeBacker, S Dennis, C Dent, E Denton, A Denver, L Denver, H Derbyshire, F Desai, A Deveney, P Dever, L Dewhurst, S Dewhurst, K Dickinson, R Dickman, A Dillon, H Dillon, E Donald, A Dootson, J Drummond, J Duckett, A Dunnett, L Dyson, O Eastham, E Eastwood, E L Eastwood, E M Eastwood, R Eastwood, D Eccles, C Eckersley, E Edeme, H Eden, L Edgington, J Edwards, K Eglinton, C Elliott, E Ellis, J Ellis, L Ellwood, S Else, L Enion, E English, L K Entwistle, L S Entwistle, M Essap, J Evans, C Eynon, J Fairhurst, J M Fairhurst, N Fairweather, E Fallon, G Farnworth, S Farnworth, L Farrelly, A Fazal, Z Featonby, S Feldwicke, C Ferro, G Ferro, M Findley, L Finnigan, C Firth-Cook, D Fish, R Fisher, B Fitzgerald, J Fitzsimmons, J Fludder, B Forrest, J Forster, T Foster, E Fostyk, B Foulds, G Francis, K Frankland, E Fretwell, O Fuller, E Galea, J Garlick, S Gautrey, R Gavin, S Gent, C Gibbons, T Gibbs, J Gill, M Gillett, M Glover, L Goddard, T Gordon, H Gorge, E Gorton, G Gould, AL Goulden, R Goulding, G Grange-Conroy, I Grady, S Grady, E Gray, A Graham, P Graham, H Graveson, A Green, M Green, O Green, T Green, M Greenaway, E Greenhalgh, J Greenhalgh, M Greenslade, B Greenwood, H Greenwood, J Greenwood, K Greenwood, A Gregory, O Grenier, J Griffiths, J Grice, O Grime, L Grimshaw, A Grover, A Guest, J Gummerson, A Hafeez, L Hale- Atkinson, S Hall, J Halpin, A Hallam, S Halliwell, S Halliwell-Parker, K Halpin, S Hamer, W Haque, M Hart, S Hardy, L Harrowing, C Harris, M Harris, C Harrison, S Harrison, A Harper, J Harter, C Hartley, J Harty, R Harwood, L Haslam, V Hatch, E Hatton, S Hatton, J Hayes R Hayes, R Haylock, K Heaton, S Hecker, S Hempson, N Hennessy, J Hepworth, S Hesketh, E Hey, E Heyes, L Heyes, C Heywood, M Heywood, C Heyworth, L Hicks, A Higgins, M Higgins, M Higginson, E Higham, J Highcock, K Highton, S Hill, J Hilton, J Hindle, J Hindle, K Hindle, W Hindle, C Hindmoor, Z Hitchen, M Hoang, L Hodge, B Hodgkinson, J Hodgkinson, G Hodson, E Holden, E J Holden, K Holden, L Holden, M Holland, G Hollinshead, L Holmes, C Hope, E Hornby, G Hornbuckle, R Hornbuckle, R Hough, D Houghton, A Howard, K Howarth, E Hugo, L Hull, A Hulme, S Hulme, S Hunkin, A Hunt, D Hunt, J Hunt, E Hunter, J Hurn, S Hurst, A Hussain, S Hussain, P Hutchinson, C Hynes, G Ibison, K Iddon, V Igwemma, J Iley, R Iliff, T Ince, J Ingram, L Ivory, E B Jackson, E E Jackson, H Jackson, M Jackson, S Jackson, N Jariwala, C Jarrett, B Jarvis, L Jepson, D Johns, A Johnson, A T Johnson, H L Johnson, H S Johnson, S Johnson, A Jones, D Jones, E Jones, L Jones, M Jones, R Jones, S Jones, T Jopson, H Jordan, H Kane, S Karakitsios, J Karlovasitis, A Kavanagh, G Keating, D Kelly, S Kelly, M Kelsall, S Kennedy, R Kerfoot, R Kerr, D Khan, M Khawaja, S Kiku, I Kirby, T Kirby, A Kirk, A Kitcher, B Kneale, Z Leigh, P Lad, K Ladva, C Lambert, J Landas, T Lang, R Latham, M Lavelle, A Lawrenson, P Layton, C Lee, A Leece, R Leeming, Z Leigh, M Lenney, KL Leonard, L Leonard, M Leung, S Lewis, A Leyland, A Liddle, D Liles, S Litherland, J Little, C Littler, S Livesey, G Lobos, S Lockwood, C Logan, C Lopez, B Lowe, K Lowton, B Lythgoe, A Macdonald, G Mackintosh, M Maddison, E Maguire, D Maher, K Makwana, L Malley, D Maloney, L Manning, F Marsden, H Marsden, S Marsden, E Marshall-Mellor, C Marsden, H Marsden, S Marley, L Martin, L Martin, J Massey, B Mather, C Mather, J Mawson, B Maxwell, Y McBrinn, D McCabe, L McCabe, D McClean, A McCrone, R McCumskay, K McDermott, A McDonald-Romero, L McDonnell-Silver, E McFarland, C McGhee, S McGarry, E McGladrigan, H McHale, B McIlhagga, Y McKee, J McKinnon, M McLaughlin, S McLean, E McMorran, K McMullan, O McMullin, R McNally, L McNicholas, S McNicholas, A McPhillips, E McVey, D Meadows, L Mealey, D Mederos, S Melling, T Mercer, H Mills, N Mills, O Milne, N Mistry, V Mistry, A Mohammed, H Mohammed, M Moorcroft, B Moore, A Moran, G Morgan, S Morgan, E Morris, L Mosley, N Mountain, A Muir, R Mulla, S Mulla, E Mullett, M Muncaster, E Munday, C Murphy, G Murphy, L Murray, H Nawab, D Neal, L Neill, J Nelson, T Newton, A Nibloe, S Nichols, E Nicholls, E Nicholson, C Nickeas, L Nightingale, C Nobile, L Norcross, R Norris, S Nyangere, J O’Brien, A O’Connor, A O’Donnell, M O’Hara, R O’Neill, J Oaten, J Oates, E Oliver, D Ollerhead, D Orrell, A Oshinowo, B Ovington, C Owen-Vallentin, D Oxborrow, I Oxton-Grant, C Page, H Parekh, H Park, A Parker, J Parker, L Parker, K Parkinson, J Parr, T Parsons, J Partington, A Patel, B Patel, H Patel, M Patel, P Patel, R Patel, S Patel, S Patel, S Patel, J Peacock, D Pearce, L Pearson, I Peel, F Peers, C Pennington, L Pennington, L Penswick, R Perera, M Petinaud, S Petrie, L Pickering, E Pilkington, S Pilling, H Pinder, E Plant, D Platts, J Pomfret, E Porter, B Pose, S Powell, S Powell, L Pretten, G Price, M Price, S Price, M Prince, SJ Prior, L Proctor, T Proctor, A Purcell, I Pye, A Rahman, E Ramsden, A Randell, J Randle, H Ray, J Raymode, I Raza, J Readett, S Reaper, E Redfern, A Reed, J Rees, N Regan, H Rice, G Richardson, B Ridley, H Rideout, M Riding, O Rigby, J Riley-Green, D Rimmer, H Rimmer, B Robinson, C Robinson, JM Robinson, JKG Robinson, M Robinson, S Robinson, B Robinson-Barker, J Rollins, L Roocroft, S Rooke, S Roscow, A Rosney, C Rothwell, L Rothwell, A Rowland, J Ruda, J Rushton, A Russell, E Rutter, L Safi, K Sahin, N Saleh, G Sandham, F Sarodia, A Scanlon, J Schofield, L Schofield, T Schofield, C Scott, S Scott, T Scott, C Seddon, M Seddon, N Sethi-Walsh, J Shacklady, R Shacklady, B Sharp, C Shaw, G Shaw, H Shaw, J Sharples, E Shepherd, D Sheridan, S Sherridan, L Simpson, T Simpkins, C Sinicrope, S Sivarajah, S Skelland, S Small, E Smallwood, A Smith, B Smith, C Smith, H Smith, J A Smith, J S G Smith, K Smith, L Smith, L Smith, P Soni, H Southern, T Southern, R Souza, J Squires, B Stacey, J Stallard, A Standen-Howard, R Stanworth, E Starkie, S Staziker, S Steele, R Stewart, S Stewart, L Stirland, E Stokes, A Stott, E Strange, G Stringfellow, N St.Valle-Salmon, T Sumner, A Sutcliffe, J Sutcliffe, S Swann, J Swindells, P Tailor, A Tania, B Taylor, C Taylor, D Taylor, E Taylor, J Taylor, M E Taylor, M G Taylor, P Taylor, L Taziker, B Temple, D Thompson, G Thompson, B Thorley, J Thornley, B Thomas, G Thomas, I Thomas, L Thomas, M Thomas, G Thomson, M Threlfall, L Timmons, Z Tipping, S Tobin, H Toghill, E Tollitt, R Toner, A Tootle, L J Townsend, L L Townsend, L Trott, S Tugman, J Tuplin, D Turner, L Turner, R Turner, S Tweedale, E Unsworth, H Unsworth, E Uttamlal, R Valentine, K Vanat, M Vaughan, J Vickers, E Villers, G Vipond, B Wade, K Wadmore, S Waine, J Walmsley, J Walsh, A Walkden, A Walker, C Walker, E Walker, S Walker, J Wallace, K Ward, S Ware, A Waring-Collins, L Warnakulasuriya, E Wasteney, E Waterworth, I Wearing, H Websdell, K Webster, R Webster, J Wetton, M Wheeler, B White, T White, C Whiting, J Whittaker, L Whitter, L Wickstead, J Wight, R Wigman, A Wignall, F Wignall, K Wilkinson, S Willacy, C Williams, K Williams, V Williams, D Wilsdon, H Wilson, M Wilson, K Winn, A Winnard, F Winstanley, K Winward, D Wiseman, L Withnell, J Wong, B Wood, J Woods, K Woods, M Woods, L Workman, H Worrall, M Worswick, A Wright, C Wright, J Wright, J A Wright, K Wright, R Wright, C Wrigley, A Wylie, A Yates, S Yates, H T Yau, L Yeung, J Zahir, M Zarrentino.

Two Passes

G Aindow, C Allison, L Atkinson, W Aughton, A Barrett, M Boyle, C Butterworth, E Cookson, Z Dardouri, G Duxbury, S Ellis, T Fitzsimmons, R Flanagan, C Forshaw, A Fortune, L Fox, A Gibbs, H Gornall, T Grunden, J Handley, S Haywood, J Hornby, J Houghton, S Iqbal, R Jackson, B Jariwala, T Jeffrey, T Jenkinson, R Joseph, J Kay, H Kneale, A Laing, J Langton, B Latham, J Mackenzie, C Margerison, D McNamara, K Moore, D Morton, V Paillusson, O Petrie, J Porter, I Potts, C Reynish, T Ridehalgh, J Robinson, B Scrivener, J Shepherd, O Singleton, S Sloan, L Stafford, I Swinney, H Tarleton, J Taylor, M Templett, J Troake, S Vickery, A T Vosper, S Wells, C Willis, N Zohdi.

One Pass

M Adams, S Arnold, T Ashton, D Ashworth, O Askam, J Baxter, C Baybutt, C Birch, C Brown, E Burscough, G Carter, James Carr, K Chiverton, S Clayton, C Clerk, G Cooper, C Crook, C Cross, S Cutts, M Darvesh, M Dempsey, O Dillon, H Dolan, T Duncan, E Eppleston, V Esposito, R Fielding, D Forbes, K Gaskin, C Gearie, L Gibbons, M Gibson, W Goldsworthy, B Gordon, B Gosling, K Gradwell, L Greenhalgh, D Hall, J Hamill, T Harrison, J Havercroft, B Hesketh, J Higson, C Hill, R Hunter, D Hunt, K Hushon, K Johnson, D Jones, A Joynes, D Kay,A Lane, A Lawson, C Lawton, B Lloyd-Roberts, D Lynch, G Mars, S McHugh, C McLaughlan, S Mercer, A Miller, P Morris, H Nelson, J Nuttall, N Parekh, J Parkinson, M Parkinson, J Patel, A Peart, H Perera, H Platt, N Rainford, S Rattray, A Rawstron, A Reid, L Reilly, M Rimmer, J Rollon, L Scott, C Sherlock, C Simms, R Simpson, C Slater, J Southworth, A Speakman, E B Spender, S Taylor, L Tetlow, H Thompson, W Thomson, P Thornton, E Turner, S Varsani, A Vickers, G Walsh, D Watson, D Whitaker, A Wilkes, A Williams, C Williams, R Winter, J Wong, K Woodruff, H Yang.