A LEVEL RESULTS: Carr Hill High School students celebrate 100% pass rates

Ceri Gibbons who achieved A,A,B (left) and Miranda Wild who achieved A,B, B (right). Two of the top performing students.
Ceri Gibbons who achieved A,A,B (left) and Miranda Wild who achieved A,B, B (right). Two of the top performing students.
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Students at Carr Hill Sixth Form Centre are celebrating a 100 per cent A*-C pass rates in core subjects such as chemistry, IT and further maths.

Results for cccounting, French, Spanish and music technology have been equally impressive and, with half of students gaining one or more A*-B grades, the sixth form has increased its overall average grade from last year.

Students achieved a 100 per cent pass rate across almost all subjects and the number of students achieving three or more A levels has increased by 13 per cent compared to last year.

Results for vocational courses also reflect the high ability of students with the average grade at a Distinction.

Top performing students include; Matthew Wood who gained one A* and three grade A.

He is now planning to study at Nottingham University , Dominic Wild who achieved A, A,B,C and will start a degree in computing at Lancaster University in September and Ceri Gibbons who leaves the sixth Form with two grade A and a B to go to Birmingham University to read American Studies .

Assistant headteacher, Miss Gill Clancy, said: “We are delighted with the results achieved by our sixth form students.

“Performances across academic and vocational courses have been exceptional and truly reflect the calibre of students we have. Our students have demonstrated a true commitment to their studies and have been rewarded with some outstanding grades.

“I have no doubt that these young people will go on to achieve much more in their bright futures.”

Ceri Gibbons, 18, gained an A in government and politics, an A in art and a B in history.

She said: “I’m so happy with my results. I worked hard but the results were still a big surprise.”

Fellow student Dominic Wild achieved an A in maths, an A in computing, a B in physics and a C in psychology.

He said: “The teachers had such a lot of confidence in me and that really made me believe I could do well. I’m thrilled with my results.”

Here are all the A level results for Carr Hill High School and Sixth Form.

4.5 Passes

K Brewer

4 Passes

J Best, K Leaman, O O’Sullivan, K Oglethorpe, A Rowland, C Spann, D Stanners, D Wild, M Wood

3.5 Passes

J Alsworth, C Bailey, A Bamford, D Barfoot, P Bryant-Funnell, D Burns, D Cartwright, R Collett, L Cooper, S Cross, Z Cunliffe, K Edmondson, C Fidling, C Gibbins , R Hall, S Hogarth, E Kemp, S Laycock, C Lees-Jones, M Miller, S Newton, S Pickervance, L Smith, K Tran, D Turner, M Wild, R Wilkinson, K Wyatt,

3 Passes

D Aberdeen, J Atkins, E Bickerstaffe, L Bridge, H Chatfield, J Cooper, G Cross, S Daniels, O Dawber, S Duffy, H Gaskell, E Hall , G Hallam , J Hewitt , W Hodgkins , B Holliday, N Jones, C Macdonald, J McGowan, C McIlroy, E McMurdo, G McMurtry, J McNeill, A Morgan, J Pickervance,

M Plummer, D Riding, D Robertson, G Roylance-Moore, B Saxton, E Simms-Sweet,

R Stewart, G Thorley, D Tucker, C Williams, B Wilson, N Woods, R Young,

2.5 Passes

M Booker, K Cartmell, W Hulme, R Llewellyn, A Logan, J McFaulds, E Ridge, A Vann,

2 Passes

N Brookes, A Byrne, H Graham, K Kind, O Parsonage, L Ramsay, K Robinson, N Vann, S Wood,

1.5 Passes

M Turner,

1 Pass

R Miezitis