Dating site led to love match foretold in stars

Alan and  Daniza's  blessing
Alan and Daniza's blessing

When Chilean journalist Daniza Isabel Urrutia Sepulveda looked to the stars to foretell her future, she was led to believe her husband would come from afar.

And while she patiently waited for that day, Daniza, 47, never dreamt she would meet her husband through the internet or that he would live more than 6,000 miles away in the UK.

But that is just what happened, for in Britain on November 20, 2012, 49-year-old Alan Burn says he was “on the internet, at a loose end, without a girlfriend” and decided to try a dating site for the very first time.

And for Alan he only tried once, for no sooner than he typed his details in, than up popped Daniza.

He said: “I just posted it onto the site and literally two minutes later I had a message in English saying ‘Is it alright if I talk to you?’ from Dani and I said ‘of course’ and so we started talking.”

The pair hit it off from that very first moment and they were married in Chile, followed by a honeymoon in Bolivia last year.

But their romance has not been without a number of challenges along the way, not least of which has been the language barrier. Alan did not speak Spanish and Daniza knew no English and while their messages could be translated on the internet, Alan decided to learn Spanish, in which he is now fluent.

After communicating via the internet for a while, Daniza invited Alan, who now teaches English in Chile, over to Antofagasta where she lives and works as a journalist for the Chilean national newspaper, the Mercurio, and love duly blossomed.

Alan, who grew up in Goosnargh, later moved to live in Chile and they were married after Daniza, who describes Alan as her “Prince Blue” (her prince with blue eyes), popped the question.

Finally, to seal their marriage, the couple, who are currently over in the UK staying with Alan’s parents, Tony and Delphine Burn, in Goosnargh, were blessed at the parish church of St Mary’s, which is part of the Fellside Team within which Delphine is a licensed reader, followed by a trip on the Lancaster Canal and hog roast.