Town’s dangerous drivers being targeted

PCSO Ben Higham
PCSO Ben Higham

Longridge police are cracking down on dangerous driving in the town after a surge in the number of complaints.

The police are running the week-long campaign – called Operation Speed Dial – with both uniformed and plain clothed officers out and about in Longridge after 19 reports in May and June of anti-social driving.

The problems have also been raised by the local community at a number of the recent PACT (police and commmunities together) meetings. These include incidents of speeding, tailgating, mobile phone use, inconsiderate driving and drink driving.

PCSO Ben Higham from Longridge Neighbourhood Poling Team said: “The increasing number of incidents involving anti-social driving was brought to the attention of the Neighbourhood Policing Team at recent PACT meetings and I hope this operation will help to ease those concerns and produce effective results in tackling anti-social driving.”

A similar initiative took place in 2010 where four vehicles were seized and a total of 38 driving offences were dealt with throughout the course of the operation.

Amongst these were 11 Section 59s, eight speeding offences and one drink driving offence.

Sgt John Jennings-Wharton of East Division’s road policing unit said: “Lancashire Constabulary is committed to road safety and reducing casualties on our roads. Anti-social driving is often a cause of collisions across the county and we are using this initiative to ensure that those who commit driving offences are dealt with robustly. We would urge all drivers to drive safely and within the confines of the law.”

Dangerous driving was brought up at last week’s Longridge PACT meeting together with issues of litter being deposited in Higher Road by people driving up to Jeffrey Hill and parking problems in King Street and Market Place.