Police reveal crime ‘trend’ in rural areas

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Police at Broughton have revealed a pattern of crimes in the rural north area of Preston after seven incidents were recorded.

The crimes which span over Broughton, Woodplumpton, Whittingham, Grimsargh and Goosnargh were recorded from February 2 to February 20.

Police believe that the ‘trend’ this month seem to be offenders cutting locks to target storage containers and outbuildings which was found to be the case in Barton on February 6 and Woodplumpton on February 9.

In both cases a lock was cut in order to gain access to the building, one targeting a local hotel in Broughton when a storage container had its lock broken and the other a cattle shed in Woodplumpton, however, nothing was taken from either.

Meanwhile, on February 2 a sports club in Broughton was broken in to after offenders cut the lock off a storage container and stole around £500 worth of power tools.

Offenders also got their hands on fuel from two plant machinery vehicles in Woodplumpton on February 3, which were being used for building work in the area.

Police believe in another case, on February 12, the offenders were planning to steal copper piping and the boiler from an empty house on Whittingham lane in Goosnargh, however, nothing was stolen.

In Grimsargh police arrested a man for interference with motor vehicles on the Hills Estate, after he was found trying the doors on vehicles on the estate.

Police have appealed for anyone acting suspicious to ring 101 or 999 if you think a crime is taking place with as much detail as possible and without putting yourself in any danger. To speak to the local policing team ring 01772 863390