Council to invite PM and ministers to public meeting

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

Prime minister David Cameron, local MPs Nigel Evans and Ben Wallace and ‘as many other ministers as possible’ are being invited by Longridge Town Council to the next open public meeting on the current issues over the increasing number of development plans around the town.

Following the May 14 annual public meeting, attended by almost 500 concerned residents and campaigners, councillors decided unanimously to invite national figures to hear local concerns at the meeting on Friday June 20, at the Civic Hall.

Expressing his thanks to the numbers attending May’s annual meeting, mayor Coun Chris Parkinson told last week’s council meeting that people’s ‘sense of total frustration’ had been obvious, particularly as comments on Ribble Valley’s Core Strategy, detailing house numbers to 2028, need to be submitted by July 4, the day the strategy’s consultation period concludes.

Until then, the council has also decided to attempt a joint meeeting with Preston City, Ribble Valley Borough and Whittingham Parish councils to pool discussions on all the developments proposed by major national and local builders.

Drop-in sessions will also take place at times and places to be decided. These would help more local people to ask questions and be helped to understand everything about the Core Strategy, and also the Neighbourhood Plan for Longridge.

Meanwhile, the CCTV cameras in Longridge are to be made operational again, but the council needs volunteers to help to man the system once up and running.

Those aiming to assist should speak to a councillor or phone the clerk on 01772 782461.

It was confirmed that crowd control at Longridge Field Day on Saturday June 14 would be organised by its own team of trained volunteers.