Could you work as a Special Constable?

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People looking for an exciting and rewarding opportunity are being invited by Lancashire Constabulary to consider opportunities as a Special Constable.

There are currently 480 Specials working within Lancashire Constabulary and the recruitment window to apply opens at 10 am on Friday November 27th and closes at 10 am on Tuesday December 8th.

Special Constables are unpaid volunteer police officers who have the same powers as regular police officers and wear the same uniform. They carry out local patrols, police local events and take part in crime reduction projects, working to cut crime and anti-social behaviour.

Special Constabulary Chief Officer Paul Airlie said: “Being a Special Constable offers an insight into working for the force and many decide to go on and pursue a career as a police officer.”

More information about joining Lancashire Constabulary as a Special is available at

Specials are asked to work a minimum of four hours per week in a single shift, but the working hours are flexible so people can give more time if they wish.

Some local companies actively support staff who wish to be a Special Constable by allowing them to undertake some of their police duties during their normal working time.

No formal qualifications are needed but applicants must be over 18.