Clitheroe mill conversion plans before councillors again

Clitheroe Town hall
Clitheroe Town hall
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Planning permission and consent for the renovation and conversion of Holmes Mill, Clitheroe, will again be discussed at a Planning and Development Committee meeting tomorrow night.

The plans, which were originally recommended for refusal by the Chief Planning Officer – a decision which was overturned by the planning committee and approved subject to conditions – will be reviewed at the meeting.

After the transformation plans were given the green light in principle at a meeting on March 23rd, entrepreneur James Warburton, of Emporia Leisure, has been given time to negotiate the required conditions outlined, such as the heavily reduced number of car parking spaces and various traffic and highways concerns.

In a report from the Environment Directorate and County Surveyor, it is stated there are no new significant concerns regarding continued use of the Greenacre Street access, although the proximity of the school will require special consideration. The Woone Lane service access was also mentioned, as vehicles will inevitably cause delays to through traffic when reversing out on to the street. The report states there has been dialogue between the developer and school, and it has been agreed site deliveries will be managed to avoid the start and finish of the school day.

Other conditions outlined regarding the environmental impact of the development include a scheme to deal with risks associated with contamination on the site and no occupation of any part of the site until a report demonstrating the results of sampling and longer term monitoring of the site for pollutants, maintenance and a plan for contingency action if needed.

James Warburton said: “In essence, the lengthy list of conditions have been addressed, along with agreeing a plan for how the site is developed and used moving forward. Many of the conditions also related back to the building’s Grade II listed status.

“We hope the work we have done will be favourable to all those who have been so supportive throughout and hopefully, after this meeting, we will be able to press the big green ‘go’ button. It has been a very lengthy but thorough process.”

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