Celebrating weights... and weddings in style

Rev David and Claire Anderson
Rev David and Claire Anderson

Weights, weddings and a joint birthday were all celebrated at a very special summer party held by two Longridge groups – the parish and its WeightWatchers!

More than 100 people from both organisations raised glasses to WeightWatchers members reaching their goals, leader Claire and husband and vicar David celebrating 16 years of marriage, Coun Paul Byrne and his wife, Ann, marking 44 years since their wedding, and twins and youth group members Lauren and Rebecca Cowell celebrating being 18 at the stroke of midnight.

Forty-fiour years married - Coun Paul Byrne and his wife Ann

Forty-fiour years married - Coun Paul Byrne and his wife Ann

Together with Jenni Lock gaining her graduation, the whole group “celebrated summer, friendship, fun and all God’s blessings,” Claire 

“An amazing night was had by all with great food, great company and a lot of dancing.

“It was fantastic, everyone was so happy and we all had different reasons to celebrate.

“David and I felt so blessed to be part of such a wonderful, supportive community.

“I was particularly proud of all my members who felt fabulous in their smaller outfits – having now lost weight with Weight Watchers.

And to confirm the evening’s success, she added “We are already looking into booking another event for Christmas!”