Campaign launched to stop the speeders

Traffic travelling through Ribchester
Traffic travelling through Ribchester
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A village that once dealt with marauding hordes of Romans should be able to cope with a 21st century equivalent – almost non-stop and speeding hordes of traffic.

But historic Ribchester’s narrow roads are only just coping with this petrol-driven problem, and its 21st century people are starting to rise up against the invasion.

Melissa Sinden-Gray with her 18 year old cat, Flora

Melissa Sinden-Gray with her 18 year old cat, Flora

Aiming to head a campaign to get drivers to observe the 20 mile an hour speed limit through the village is Melissa Sinden-Gray, resident on Blackburn Road for almost 12 years and now very concerned about the traffic impact on the place she loves after moving there from Manchester.

She said: “I don’t want to tell people what to do – I want to ask them politely to please, please have a thought for the village as they drive through.

“There are six 20mph signs through Ribchester, very few observe them, we have lots of children and elderly people here, we have pets – my 
18-year-old cat Flora’s nine lives must have reached their limit.

“It starts at approximately 6.30 to 7am and used to stop by about nine-ish, but now it seems continual. It’s not only the volume of the traffic or the speed, but the noise they cause

How someone hasn’t been killed or injured I do not know

Melissa Sinden-Gray

“And when you consider how narrow the pavements are from here up to the Ribchester Arms, I don’t have to spell out the danger factor.

“How someone hasn’t been killed or injured I do not know.”

An actor and voice-over artist, whose 83-year-old mother lives with her and husband Rob, Melissa works from home in a sound-proof studio.

“But even in there, with my earphones on, I can still hear the noise of huge lorries and buses passing and making our old cottage, which is listed, shake like anything!”

She realises costs influence police action to deter speedsters, but feels an occasional speed-gun would help stop motorists from racing through at 50mph.

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has said he will back her campaign after she contacted him, and she is also to ask the borough’s Ward councillor for Ribchester, Ian Sayers, if he will put in a word at the council and to the county highways committee.