Shop local to help your community thrive

Carole Hart
Carole Hart

Longridge News has launched a campaign to help support the town’s army of independent traders.

Longridge has a wealth of businesses, shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants, play areas for children, its skatepark, team sports, keeping fit, independent gyms and swimming pools.

In the three different categories they all represent, they fit under the campaign heading - Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local - and they make the town one of the best communities offering something for everyone, whether residents or visitors.

However, the three categories have their own separate local champions whose voices the campaign organisers want to hear, giving their responses to the campaign as it moves forward.

The Longridge News is starting with the Shop Local title, and will continue with Eat Local and Play Local in future weeks until the campaign closes with the aim of highlighting the variety on our streets and pressing for a better deal on business rates.

In Shop Local, we highlight some of the longest-established businesses in the town with chairwoman of Longridge Business Group, Carole Hart - owner of the successful bridal wear shop Especially for You - setting the comment ball rolling.

She said: “I am really pleased with the current selection of independent businesses we have the pleasure of enjoying in our town.

“With a national average of 14.6 per cent and a north west average of 20.1 per cent of empty shops, Longridge is faring very nicely thank you very much.

“But this does not mean that we can sit back and be grateful.

“Longridge residents and its business owners have worked very hard to keep the town in a healthy position in the region, which we will continue to do along with the support of our customers and the Business Group.

“I am always happy when a customer says that they like to keep their trade local, something I seem to be hearing more and more over recent years.

“I really think that people are realising that, to keep a community thriving, they need to use it and all that it offers. Business means work, means jobs, means survival, for every pound spent locally around 70p of that pound will stay local.

“If we all work together we can make Longridge the place to be and bring even more business to our town.

“Looking ahead I would like to see our independent shops continue to increase in number and maybe with all the new building plans there will be room for some new retail spaces around the town.”