Homes plan progress

Site plan for proposed deveiopment at Spout Farm, Longridge
Site plan for proposed deveiopment at Spout Farm, Longridge

Approval is on the cards for a development of 32 houses and bungalows on the edge of Longridge, after services work is completed.

The site is at Spout Farm on Preston Road. Owner Denis Lambert has been 
advised on the plans by Preston based consultants, PWA Planning,

Longridge architect Peter Bamber is designer of the two, three and four bed properties, which include affordable housing. Alterations to the existing access plus a bus stop are also proposed.

Longridge Town Council, which did not object to the proposals in principle, had concerns about traffic and the sandmartin nesting bank on the adjacent biological heritage site of Alston Wetlands.

The county council’s ecology department also cited the sandmartins and a need to watch for great crested newts, bats, and domestic pets affecting the BHS diversity. It was also felt that additional tree planting might attract birds of prey to the site.

Objectors’ concerns were about over-intensive development, highways safety, increased traffic congestion in Longridge, loss of habitat and ecology, and the cumulative
effect of the development when taking into account other housing plans around the town already approved.

In her report for the borough’s December planning meeting, officer Sarah Westwood recommended deferring the application to allow for further negotiations,
listing 12 conditions to be considered.

These included layout, scale and appearance of landscaping, a set number of properties, visibility and methods of construction.

It was also felt important to ensure the development was no threat and did not undermine the existing 
ecological value of the site or the Alston Wetland nature reserve.

She also felt tree planting, landscaping and impacts on the BHS could be addressed and controlled through planning conditions.