Doors slammed shut at Slice of Sicily in Garstang - but owners say it will reopen soon

Slice of Sicily in Garstang and the notice in its window as of last Monday (March 19).
Slice of Sicily in Garstang and the notice in its window as of last Monday (March 19).
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The future of one of Garstang’s best-loved Italian restaurants is positive despite closure notices in its windows.

Slice of Sicily in Garstang Road, Catterall, closed its doors last Monday with ‘forfeiture of lease’ notices placed in its windows.

Slice of Sicily in Garstang.

Slice of Sicily in Garstang.

The notice was put there by The Sheriffs Office, who are authorised High Court enforcement officers and certificated enforcement agents.

It reads: “Under the terms and conditions of your lease we as authorised agents on behalf of the landlord have this day re-entered these premises and the lease is hereby determined.

“Any attempt by you or your agents to enter the demised premises will result in criminal/civil proceedings being taken against you.”

Despite this, restaurant owner Etty Criscenti has clarified that the franchise in the old Brockholes Arms will reopen soon for customers to continue enjoying its cuisine.

Mr Criscenti said: “We are reopening in-between this week and next week. There was just a misunderstanding between us and the landlord; I can’t say much more at the moment.”

The temporary closure follows the Slice of Sicily chain, which includes two more restaurants south of Garstang in Penwortham and Fulwood, going on the market in January as franchise opportunities for new operators.

Mr Criscenti explained: “There has been some interest on the franchises but nothing serious. A few are asking how franchises work but nothing has happened yet.”

In regards to a ‘forfeiture of lease’, a spokesman from The Sheriffs Office said: “If the tenant defaults on the obligations of the contract the landlord can terminate the lease. This can be anything from non-payment of rent to others breaches such as subletting.”

They declined to comment on the situation with Slice of Sicily stating that they do not comment on specific cases.