Bootcamp is over and the first quarter finals of The Longridge X-Factor take place this Sunday, June 4

The crowd at the last Bootcamp of The Longridge X-Factor
The crowd at the last Bootcamp of The Longridge X-Factor
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The atmosphere was electric during the final stage of Longridge X Factor’s bootcamp.

The acts well and truly stepped out of the shadow of their previous audition and into the spotlight of the stage, where they were met with adoration and praise from both judges and audience alike (mostly…)

Tony Hannon had the audience raising their lighters to him with his harrowing and uplifting rendition of Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses. The judges unanimously agreed Tony had really come into his own with the song and was far better than his previous audition. Judge Alan praised Tony by saying “there’s nowhere to hide in that song and you nailed it”

There was trouble in the family when judge Jane Priest’s son Matt took the stage. To avoid controversy and bias, she handed over her reigns of responsibility to X-Factor presenter Ben Calvert. Judge Paul not so shyly told Matt he "raised the roof, but it sounded awful". Ex-Mayor Rupert Swarbrick could only say “It sounded alright…When the backing track took over”. It’s safe to say Matt won’t be making it through to the final.

“You have got the X Factor” was all judge Rupert could say when Holly Lupton sang Lady Marmalade, a Christina Aguilera classic. All anyone could say was Holly had “smashed it”. Her Stellar performance landing her a confirmed place in the finals.

Fan favourite Amanda Turner confidently owned the stage in her racy style, performing All about that bass. She had the crowds in raucous laughter and cheering. The judges loved the energy and talent Amanda brought to the stage. However, not all judges were impressed this was the second time she had performed not knowing all the lyrics. Despite that, Amanda is in the finals.

Bar goers were given a treat when Matt Swinburne took to the stage with guitar in hand. Matt was previously a contestant, but bowed out due to dates clashing. Matt had the crowd in full swing with his energised performance of the Courteeners.

Fionnuala McBride, 17 was truly the breakout star of the evening with her animated and lively stage presence bringing life to Anne Marie’s Ciao-Adios. The audience went crazy for the young girl’s captivating performance. Her talent landed her a near perfect score and a solid place in the finals.

Everyone is now looking forward to the Quarter Final this Sunday, June 4, the Semi Final on June 11 and the Final on June 25.