Baking blogger Emily set to be a rising star

Emily Ashworth.
Emily Ashworth.
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Move over Mary Berry... Clitheroe’s very own Emily Ashworth is ready to steal your crown!

For the online blogs she posts about the divine dishes she whips up on a daily basis have been entered for a national award which will recognise this talented young woman’s culimary and writing skills.

My Grandma Taught Me How To Cook was born when Emily moved from Lancashire to Perth, Australia, in 2013 with her boyfriend Richard Slinger. Emily (25) so missed the taste of home cooking she asked her mum, Sandra, to send out her grandma’s cookbook so she could follow some of the recipes. The hamdwritten recipe book was duly despatched and so Emily began perfecting a range of pies, pastries and cakes she had watched her grandmother, Margaret Kempson, make growing up as a child in Low Moor.

Emily, who is now back in Clitheroe, said: “I used to love helping my grandmother in the kitchen, that is where I developed my passion for food and cooking.

“As I began cooking I started the blog and became interested in how we used to live and traditions that many people of my generation just don’t seem to follow such as all sitting round the table for a traditional Sunday lunch.’’

And just like Bake Off Queen Mary, Emily is an advocate of fresh, local produce and a proper ingredients such as butter, sugar and cream.

Emily said: “My blog is about rejoicing in real food and a proper diet. A piece of cake here and there won’t kill you, just don’t eat the whole thing.’’

Emily loves following the recipes of Margaret, who will be 90 this year, and also her other grandma, Vera Ashworth, who also turns 90 this year.

Emily said: “I love traditional dishes and make them more appealng to the modern eye, I love the idea of seasonal ingredients and that eating well can lead to living well.

“My grandmothers are both due to turn 90, that is proof isn’t it?’’

The link for Emily’s blog is and the voting link is: WCAT 21-01-16 WEB ONLY blogemily SUE