Baby's lucky escape as drunk smashes window

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DRUNKEN new year revellers smashed the front window of a house in Longridge - just feet from where a five-month-old baby had been sleeping.

Little Beatrix Pye had been asleep in her pram in the bay window of the house in Market Place just minutes before the first pane of glass was punched through at 1.30am on New Years Day. The second smash happened one and a half hours later.

Terrified mum Clara Pye and husband Neil are now demanding tougher action be taken against drunken louts who they say are making their lives a misery.

The couple live next door to The Dog Inn and say they've had numerous problems with drunken and rowdy behaviour over the past year.

"This was just the final straw for us'' said Clara. "Our baby had been asleep close to the window but I'd just taken her upstairs. I can't begin to think what could have happened.''

The Dog Inn, which is part of Longridge's Pubwatch scheme, was granted a special licence for New Years Eve - meaning it could stay open until 8am on New Years Day.

Longridge town councillor Frank Field has also previously been critical of drunken behaviour in Market Place, and this week said it was "farcical'' for licensed premises to be open for such long hours.

He said: "The government thought the 24 hour licensing laws

would make things better, but it has made things infinitely worse."

Neil Pye says he is also fed up with the amount of litter left in Market Place by late night revellers. He said: "There are no cobbles outside The Dog Inn any more, just cigarette butts. I should not have to find glass bottles on my doorstep in the morning.''

The couple, who also have another young child, Marienna, aged 2, are now facing a 140 repair bill for the two broken window panes and Mr Pye added: "When the thug that did this is ever lucky enough to have children they will understand the trauma this has caused us."

Staff at The Dog Inn declined to comment on the incident.

The police investigation is continuing. Anyone with any information, please contact 01772 209583.