Alisha is keeping family’s field day tradition going

The Fleet family ' Jean, Alisha and Kiera
The Fleet family ' Jean, Alisha and Kiera

Three members of one family have a special reason to look forward to this year’s Longridge Field Day.

They are new field day queen Alisha Fleet, her sister, Kiera, and her mum, Jean, who was herself queen for the annual event in 1992.

Alisha, 14, a pupil at Longridge High School, said she was very much looking forward to field day and all that it involved through the year.

In the tradition of field day, the queen was chosen by the names of hopefuls being put into a hat at the Lions Christmas Bazaar, with Alisha’s name the first to be pulled out.

She will be the special guest at different community functions through the year and also, with her attendants, take part in other field day processions.

In her retinue with Kiera will be Isabel Blackburn, Anne Hyde, Lisha Heaton, Mia Wood, Lily-Mae Wood, Sophia Wood and Sienna Dudek, with Nathan Hyde as the page.

They were all at last week’s meeting to plan the day’s details with organiser Cath Reid, who said: “It’s great to keep this sort of tradition in a family – it happens quite often.”

With other mothers, she was planning dress patterns and materials for the big day and warned the participants with some sternness “everything must stay a secret until then, your lips must be zipped!”

She also advised on procedures for the day, gathering for the parade with its floats and walking tableaux and enjoying events on the field.