A right royal obsession

Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle
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My hero this week is Simon McCoy of the BBC, who won the internet when his sarcastic and disinterested report of royal baby  non-news became a meme popularised by all the cool kids.

He has a valid point.

News that a woman who we already knew is pregnant and probably due around April, is indeed pregnant and due some time in April is not exactly breaking, as Tom pointed out.

But then, those compiling the news programme know that the Royal Family, particularly the young trendy ones and their indomitable matriarch the Queen, are wildly popular.

They are a British (a worldwide) obsession and even many who openly resent the costs and point of a royal family, will still happily converse about them or about what Kate was spotted wearing last week.

To be blunt, they sell newspapers and they bring light to the darkest of news bulletins when there are no water-skiing budgies or hedgehogs dressed in tiny clothes available.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

And for many, they represent pride and ownership. They are loved.

I admit, though it does fight against my principles, a small obsession with the royals myself.

Quite why I find Kate’s designer-wear fascinating is beyond me as I won’t:

A. Ever be thin enough to fit into her tiny ensembles

B. Ever have occasion to wear a floor length Alexander McQueen ballgown

C. Ever be able to afford one.

Yet for some reason, I find myself flicking through pictures, fascinated.

And I’m the former little girl who never wanted to be Princess and hated dolls.

So news that the enigmatic Prince Harryis gracing these here parts with his presence this week has already warranted an article or two and was certainly all the talk on the big day itself.

The spotlight is on young Harry these days as his brother has ticked all the boxes apparently required of them.

Engagement. Wedding. Babies.

Now the name of his American girlfriend Meghan Markle is all the tabloids can talk about – will he, won’t he, is he already engaged?

Or as Tom would put it, who cares?

Quite a lot of people I would royally warrant...