200-million-year-old fossil leads Stonyhurst pupils into the past

Stonyhurst dinosaurs
Stonyhurst dinosaurs

Jurassic Park came to life for students when they got a golden opportunity to see some real life dinosaur fossils.

A vertebra from an ichthyosaurus from 200 million years ago and a prehistoric shark’s jawbone were just two of the items children were able to see at Stonyhurst College.

Year 4 pupils from the prep school, St Mary’s Hall, went across to the college to see some of the oldest artefacts in the school’s famous historic collections.

The curator, Mrs Jan Graffius, also showed them a flipper from a 17-metre long plesiosaur from 260 million years ago, an enormous back tooth of a woolly mammoth and a large coprolite – also known as dinosaur poo!

The trip to see the collections was part of the children’s topic “Footsteps from the Past”.

A spokesman said: “The Stonyhurst Collections are a unique and wonderful resource. Being able to see, and handle, these precious artefacts really brings learning to life, and we are so fortunate to have access to them.”