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I'VE said before in this column that Ribchester is one of my favourite Ribble Valley villages. It remains so, and I always am in a happy mood when I visit the place.

That's why I'm happy this week to publicise a history-related promotion being organised by Ribchester Local History Society.

The society is organising a competition called "Recording Ribchester's Past, Present and Future."

Can you take a prize-winning photograph of Ribchester or its people?

Can you produce an image that says something about Ribchester's history - ancient or modern?

The Ribchester Local History Society is offering prizes at the annual village field day in June for the winning photographs.

Spokesman Colin Hinkley said: "The subject might be an ancient building, part of an ancient road or track, a found object - or even a village event; literally anything that helps record the story of Ribchester village life from its earliest days to the present.

"How, for example, has the village developed and grown, what groups and organisations contribute to village life? The scope is almost endless."

Also this is a great opportunity to add to the society's archives - where all photos, new or old, whether part of the annual competition or not, are always gratefully received and carefully conserved.

The society aims to develop over the years a visual record of the life of the village, its regular and special events, its anniversaries and occasions - as well as its day-to-day activities.

Entries must have been taken in the year prior to the 2009 field day.

All final entries, which must be prints, should be sent to: The secretary, 25 Ribblesdale Road, Ribchester, PR3 3YL.

Full details and an entry form is available on www.ribchesterhistory.org