Look out for the folk on Tootle Heights

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TOOTLE Heights has been referred to by several names including Toot Hill and Tootal Heights but "tot" features in all names and is an Old English word meaning a look out place or a place with a view.

When Railway and Flemings quarries became disused they were turned into a park which quickly became a meeting point for villagers and visitors alike.

Dressed in their Sunday best villagers would gather on Tootle Heights to promenade and enjoy the view whilst listening to Longridge Band.

Our two pictures from the early 1900's show a large crowd posing in their finery and a shot from the quarries giving an idea how the park was formed.

Visitors would come by train from Preston and walk up to Tootle Heights and tea shops on the route would have good trade. The Band would march up to the park carrying not only their instruments but also the heavy cast iron and wood music stands.

Tootle Heights park was an ideal venue for large meetings and recruitment meetings were held there to encourage young men to join the army in WW1; following hostilities a service of remembrance was held in the park.