Appeal for local coronavirus community help groups to contact Longridge Town Council

Mayor of Longridge Coun Steve Ashcroft
Mayor of Longridge Coun Steve Ashcroft

Longridge Town Council has issued an urgent appeal for information about any local community networks set up to support vulnerable residents during the coronavirus crisis.

Town clerk Andrea Pownall said: "Longridge Town Council wish to know if there are any community volunteer networks already set up to support older and vulnerable Longridge residents while they are in isolation during the current coronavirus crisis.

"Please let us know if you are already delivering support or if you are willing to volunteer with shopping or collecting prescriptions etc."

The aim is to create a one-stop shop for information, so that any local resident can find out what help is available by going to the town council's website.

Mayor Coun Steve Ashcroft said: "What we're trying to facilitate is a one stop shop where we can note the offers of help from around the community so that people have just one place to go to for all this information. What we want (to compile) is as complete a list as we can."

The council can be contacted on or 01772 782461