UCLan academics turn superheroes for new book

The UCLan authors appear as super powers in the book
The UCLan authors appear as super powers in the book

What’s the secret ingredient to Captain America’s super soldier serum?

How did the Black Widow develop her supercharged combat skills? or is it likely that we will find Guardians of the Galaxy style alien life on distant planets

The answers to these questions about our comic book super heroes are about to be answered in a new supercharged book.

Seven academics from the University of Central Lancashire explore the world of science and superheroes in a fun new book.

Launched to coincide with World Book Day, ‘Unmasked – The Science of Superheroes’ reveals the scientific realities behind famous comic book legends and blockbusting movie .

Created entirely by the UCLan seven, the writers have been spectacularly turned into superheroes themselves across the pages, each character reflecting different types of superpowers and their scientific basis.

The book will be officially launched tonight at an interactive invitation-only event at the Harris Library.

The tome draws on computing, engineering, maths, physics, biology and psychology to explore the world of superheroes like never before.

One of the authors, Professor Robert Walsh said: “It is our hope that with this book we can show how real-world science can be just as wondrous and jaw-dropping brilliant as the explosive events we see on cinema screens or the pages of comic books.”

Another, Dr Sarita Robinson added: “Unmasked: The Science of Superheroes has been a joy to work on.

“By bringing together a love of superheroes and our passion for science we have created a science book which is accessible to all.”

The UCLan-assembled superpowered team of authors consists of Professor Robert Walsh (who last year won acclaim for his work on a 3-D recreation of the sun seen by thousands of visitors to Blackpool and Lancaster), alongside Dr Sarita Robinson, principal lecturer Nicky Danino, Dr Catherine Tennick, Dr Sylvy Anscombe, Dr Matthew Dickinson and senior demonstrator Adam Wilcox.

Unmasked: The Science of Superheroes‘ is published by UCLan Publishing and available to order via : https://uclanpublishing.com/, the book is available through Amazon.co.uk, WHSmith and Waterstones.