Female thieves stole ‘large amount of money’ from 91-year-old

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Latest news

Three callous thieves - believed to be three young women aged between 14 and 20 - conned their way into the home of an elderly Longridge woman claiming they were from a well known national charity and stole a large quantity of cash saved for Christmas presents.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

The young women, who are said to have been wearing dark clothing and one a beanie type hat, struck between 1pm and 1.30pm on Tuesday, December 17, and are believed to have had local accents.

PC Vicki Speak said the women walked into the Calder Avenue home of the vulnerable 91-year-old woman who lives alone, saying they were from the Salvation Army and kept her talking while they stole “a large amount of money”.

PC Speak said the cash had been saved for Christmas presents and the lady had been left “very distressed” by the theft.

She said: “This is a harsh, terrible event for this elderly lady so close to Christmas. She is on her own and we want to catch the women who committed this offence.

“I would also like to warn members of the public, particularly the elderly and those who may appear vulnerable, to be extra vigilant and be careful who they allow into their address.

“Don’t be afraid to call the police if you don’t know who is on your doorstep.”

PC Speak is asking anyone who has any further information to contact either herself or her colleague PC Diane Whittaker on 01254 353647.




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